California Fires

Our prayers are with all impacted by the ongoing wildfires spreading through California.  Most Esteemed Micaela Le Blanc has been in touch with our Brother and Sister Clavers throughout California and has reported that, as of now, all are safe and not affected.

We pray that God's protection will continue to shield our brothers and sisters and that the life and property impacted by the fires be restored.
St. Peter Claver...Pray for Us!
St. Peter Claver...Pray for Us!
St. Peter Claver...Pray for Us!

"O blessed St. Catherine of Siena, protectress against fire, we come before you seeking your intercession for anyone threatened by fire.

Pray that God protect our brothers and sisters, their families, and their property from burning flames and that He keep fire of any kind from doing them harm.

Pray, dear St. Catherine, that all hearts are enflamed with the fire of divine love, as your was, and that all souls are protected from the fires of Hell.

- Amen"