Claver Family Celebrates the Feast of Saint Peter Claver

Patron Saint

Saint Peter Claver

The Claver Prayer

God, our Heavenly Father, You have given us life through the Death and Resurrection of Your Beloved Son, Jesus Christ;
Jesus, our Saving Lord, You came into a world darkened by man’s sin and gave it light through your teachings;
Holy Spirit, the Breath of God within us, You guide and enlighten us and give us the strength of our convictions;
Saint Peter Claver, who became an example for us, you showed us the Love of God, the light of Christ, and the strength of the Holy Spirit;
We pray now that all we say and do in your honor, be a continuation of your work here on earth.


Day of Service

Founders Day - November 7th

The National Day of Service was initiated in recognition of our seven (7) Founders' vision and our Order's mission of service to the church, community, and mankind.  Each unit is asked to participate by engaging in a service project on the day, weekend, or month of November 7, 2016 - the Knights of Peter Claver Founders' Day.

Feast Day of Saint Peter Claver

On this Friday, September 9th, the Catholic Church will celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Peter Claver.  

Members of the Knights of Peter Claver will commemorate our patron saint through different celebrations and activities throughout the month of September.

During these trying times of daily tragedies - from killings and other acts of violence by man to natural disasters that severely impact our brothers and sisters - we must look to our patron saint and reflect on his heroic values.

Saint Peter Claver is our model of faith in God and our confidence in His eternal goodness. As a sixteenth century Spanish Jesuit priest and faithful servant of the oppressed, his apostolate extended beyond his care for slaves. 

He became a moral force, indeed, the Apostle of Cartagena. He preached in the city square and gave missions to sailors, traders, and country missions. He avoided, when possible, the hospitality of the planters and owners and instead lodged in the slave quarters. 

He died on September 8, 1654 after four years of battling a  sickness that forced the future saint to remain inactive and largely neglected,  The city magistrates, who had previously frowned at his solicitude for the Black outcasts, ordered him buried at public expense and with great pomp.

As we reflect on the service and life of Saint Peter Claver, we are able to fully recognize the global impact our patron saint had on mankind during his lifetime and for generations to come. 

Wishing you all the best,

Most Worthy James K. Ellis
Supreme Knight
Most Esteemed Vertelle A. Kenion

Supreme Lady


SAINT PETER CLAVER FEAST DAY - Claver Family Celebrates the Feast of Saint Peter Claver