Welcome 2019!

“Lord you make all things new.  You bring hope alive in our hearts and cause our Spirits to be born again.  Thank you for this new year and all the potential it holds.  Come and kindle in us a mighty flame so that, in our time, many will see the wonders of God and live forever to praise your glorious name!”  - Amen

As we continue celebrating the new life born to bring hope and salvation from darkness, and lived to set an example of love, sacrifice, and fulfillment for each of us - we now enter and celebrate the arrival of a new year.  A new timestamp to bring progressive changes into our lives. A new opportunity to forgive, to ask for forgiveness, to be blessed, to be a blessing. 

During your New Year’s celebrations, take time to reflect on 2018.  What positive aspects do you want to continue and even strengthen? What cyclical setbacks and faults will you strive to reduce or eliminate?

Let each of us enter this new year committed to what is essential to the richness of our Claver Family - a renewed spirit and energy, focus on moving forward, and love for one another as children of God. 

We hope that each of you continues to have a joyous and blessed Christmas Season and pray for increase in your life for this new year and beyond!

Happy New Year!