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December 15, 2020
Dear Claver Family,
Memo: 2021 Jr. & Sr. National Conventions Go Virtual
On Saturday, December 12, 2020 the National Council Board of Directors met to carefully consider all options regarding the 2021 conventions. After much deliberation, the National Council Board of Directors and the Supreme Lady, representing the Ladies Auxiliary unanimously voted to conduct the 2021 Junior and Senior Conventions, and consequently the Fourth Degree and Ladies of Grace Conclaves, virtually rather than in-person.  This choice was made given the uncertainties regarding COVID19 and our ability to effectively plan such a major event, and more importantly, in consideration of the health and financial wellbeing of our members.
The 2021 Convention/Conclave year will be unprecedented in format, as it will be the first one held virtually. The Supreme Lady and I are assembling a joint committee to properly vet an appropriate virtual meeting platform, and we will keep our boards informed accordingly. Information will be communicated as this process develops, so all members will be prepared to engage and to embrace this new way to conduct the business of our Noble Order.
I pray that each of you continue to protect your health and the health of those around you. Let us all pray for a speedy and proper end to this pandemic.
 Sincerely in Christ,
James K. Ellis
Supreme Knight and CEO
 CC:      Supreme Lady
            National Council and Court Boards
            Supreme Navigators, 4th Degree and Ladies of Grace