Forms and Documents

Forms and Documents

KPC PRIVACY POLICY                     


3rd Degree Knights OR SUBMIT ONLINE
3rd Degree Ladies OR SUBMIT ONLINE
4th Degree Knights OR SUBMIT ONLINE
4th Degree Ladies of Grace OR SUBMIT ONLINE


Online Unit Roster Instructions 
Council and Court Officers Roster (log in required)
Unit Roster Form(WORD)
Unit Roster Form(PDF)
Unit Roster Form(PDF Fillable)

Online Subordinate Unit Annual Report Instructions   

Name Change Form

Transfer Form

Beneficiary Change: Fraternal Benefits

Beneficiary Change: Mutual of Omaha Supplemental Insurance

KPC Fraud Policy

KPC Privacy Policy

KPC Travel Policy for Minors Traveling with Chaperones

KPC Child Protection Policy

Junior Daughter Forms

Jr DTR Application

Junior Knight Forms

Jr Knights Application

KPCLA Application

KPC Application

990N Tax Filing Instructions

visit to file your 990N

(log in required)  Subordinate Unit Annual Report Form