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“It’s terrible to see people who say they are Christians, but who are full of bitterness,” Francis said, adding that the language of the Holy Spirit “is gentle...because he’s gentle. And respect. Always respect others. He teaches to respect others.” Read More
Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association says a proposal by President Donald Trump to overhaul the health care reform enacted under Obama amounts to an "unconscionable" transfer of $880 billion from the poor to the rich. She also says she has no idea what Trump's team may do about the contraception mandates that were part of the Obama measure. Read More
I can receive the Eucharist and fulfill my Mass obligation at any of the six parishes I pass every Sunday morning but it is only at my home parish that I feel like an included member of the Body of Christ. I need the worship experience every Sunday to give me the ammunition to get through the week. I grew up in an economically depressed community that was created in response to political pressure about the way returning veterans of color were being treated by the City of Baltimore. My community of Cherry Hill was the home to the largest concentration of public housing east of Chicago and received very few human services even though the majority of the community lived below the federal poverty income guideline. The Josephites had the foresight to create a parish, called St. Veronica’s, in this impoverished community of 17,000 African Americans and the church quickly became the anchor of the community. The parish became the change agent for many residents in the community. Read More
CairoPope Francis told the small minority Catholic population in Muslim-majority Egypt on Saturday to treat those of different faiths not as enemies but brothers and sisters, saying "true faith ... moves our hearts to love everyone." In a homily during an outdoor Mass marked by enthusiastic participation and the backdrop of the Pyramids, the pontiff also told the Catholics they must reject any sort of extremism or intolerance towards other religions. "True faith is one that makes us more charitable, more merciful, more honest and more humane," said the pope, speaking to several thousand Egyptians of seven different Catholic rites. "It makes us see the other not as an enemy to be overcome, but a brother or sister to be loved, served and helped." Read More
The bishop of the Colombian city scourged by landslides on Saturday has described a “complex and chaotic situation”, and appealed for humanitarian aid for the city's inhabitants. Landslides swept over Mocoa in the early hours of April 1 when the three rivers that flow through the city overflowed after torrential rainfall. At least 254 people have died in the natural disaster, and hundreds were injured. Bishop Luis Albeiro Maldonado Monsalve of Mocoa-Sibundoy has issued “a call for solidarity for everyone to join together in this difficult moment, to look toward this region in so great of need.” Read More
"How wonderful would it be if the growth of scientific and technological innovation would come along with more equality and social inclusion," he said in a video talk played April 25 for 1,800 people attending TED 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and posted online with subtitles in 20 languages. "How wonderful would it be, while we discover faraway planets, to rediscover the needs of the brothers and sisters orbiting around us," the pope said in the talk that TED organizers had been advertising as that of a "surprise guest." Read More
Editor's Note: Both Fr. Daniel Green and Dr. Ansel Augustine are members of the Knights of Peter Claver. The Office of Black Catholic Ministries will transition in May from one dynamic leader to another when current director Dr. Ansel Augustine leaves to become resident campus minister for student leadership at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. His successor will be Father Daniel Green, parochial vicar at Blessed Trinity Parish. “One of the greatest joys is seeing my ‘little brother’ use his gifts and share his gifts and be recognized for the gifts we see in him,” Augustine said of Father Green. “I couldn’t think of a more perfect person for this job. We’ve worked together for years, since he was in elementary school. Read More
After 111 years of serving the community of Birmingham, Alabama, the city's only African American Catholic elementary school could close due to financial struggles. Over its long history, Our Lady of Fatima has become an integral part of the community, serving students from all backgrounds: of its 64 children, 11 percent are Catholic, and 89 percent are non-Catholic. “It's looked at as a community school,” the school's principal Al Logan told the Birmingham Times. Read More