Food Bank Photos

2019 National Food Bank Day
NOVEMBER 16, 2019
Congratulations to Junior Supreme Lady Kennedy Wiltz for initiating the service project at the Houston Food Bank; also Junior Supreme Knight Kamare Narcisse and Junior Sargent at Arms Jaden Broussard for making their way from Louisiana to support the project. To the grand ladies, counselors and juniors that participated in the project, you really made a difference. Stay blessed!!!

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Sr. Thea Bowman Chapter 34
Philadelphia, Pa 

Our Gracious Ladies filled 10 boxes of Joy for Cross Catholic Outreach.This is our first year giving boxes of joy. We have made this one of our projects. 
St. Ann Court  #4

Participated in the 2nd Annual Food Bank Day by delivered canned goods
to Our Daily Bread, a local food pantry in Pascagoula, MS.
Pictured above: 
Avarie Wells, Gabrielle E Stallworth & LaDana Parker


2018 National Food Bank Day
NOVEMBER 3, 2018